A chapter book series for curious explorers ages 7+


Wonder World

A chapter book series for readers ready to save the world one destination at a time ๐ŸŒŽ

 Imagine your parents are world-famous veterinarians who solve mysterious cases of animals in need.

Enter the world of ten-year-old Lilly and her brother Fynn and sister Celia. They go on fantastic trips along with their parents, helping them making our world a better place along the way. Now you can join them too!

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The Mystery of the Dancing Horses, Book One

Ten-year-old Lilly Cook is frantic!

Her parents, the world-famous veterinarians, have been called to Austria to help the dancing white horses, the Lipizzaner. These royal animals are acting strangely, and nobody knows why. Lilly and her eight-year-old twin siblings, Celia and Fynn, will have to work together with new friends and follow the clues to crack this mysterious case before itโ€™s too late. Will the famous horses ever dance again?

Set in Vienna, the city of music, with beautiful horses in need and a touch of magicโ€ฆ this mystery will have you turning these pages until the very last chapter.

The Case of the Lost Llamas, Book Two

Eight-year-old Fynn Cook is in a pickle!

His parents, the world-famous veterinarians, need help solving another difficult case. The family travels to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, where the famous llamas have gone missing. Visitors and local people are doing everything to find these sweet, furry animals. Can Fynn and his sisters discover the missing clues and save the llamas?

In their second adventure, the Cook kids must face even more challenges and difficult decisions. Old stories of the lost Inca Empire and new four-legged friends will come to their rescue. Are you ready to crack this mysterious case with them?

The Riddle of the Wild Dogs, Book Three

New York City is in trouble!

Something strange is happening in Central Park, the green sanctuary in the heart of Manhattan. Dogs splash in fountains, ride skateboards, and act naughty all throughout the park. Their owners, their dog walkers, and even the park patrol canโ€™t stop the wild behavior. Is something in the park making the pups crazy? Ten-year-old Lilly Cook and her twin siblings, Fynn and Celia, remember the case that turned their parents into world famous veterinariansโ€”with a little help from their kids, of course!

Discover how the Cook kids learn to think like animals and work with new friends to protect our environment, one destination at a time. Will they find the solution before all dogs are banned from Central Park forever?

An engaging chapter book series for readers ready to tackle those books with...

"more pages, smaller words, and fun pictures to keep me going" Mini Editor Sierra, 8

Author on the left, goat on the right

Author on the left, goat on the right


Meet Dori - Author of
the Wonder World Kids series

Dori Marx grew up in Austria and traveled the world several times before choosing New England as her home. Here, she lives with her husband, three children, and a senior dog, along with an ever-growing number of rescue goats, pet chickens, and fish. Although she isnโ€™t a vet, she has a soft spot for all living beings and has even learned to coexist with the spiders in her basement.

Dori's books are illustrated by artists living in the countries that the Wonder World Kids visit. These local illustrators lend their unique style to the artwork for each book.

Wonder World Kids is her first book series for emerging young readers.

 โ€œI wanted to create books with shorter chapters and text blocks so you can keep reading. Let's be honest: isn't it always more fun to finish 5 chapters before bedtime?

 Go beyond fairies who lose charms or princesses on unicorns. In my first story you'll discover fun facts about royal horses, a child composer, and even a delicious chocolate cake... and best of all, they're all true!

I love working with local illustrators who capture the real atmosphere of the destinations in their pictures. Isnโ€™t it exciting to see how Lilly, Fynn, and Celiaโ€™s style changes in each adventure?โ€




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