The Wonder World Kids travel to Austria to solve The Mystery of the Dancing Horses

Hi, it’s me Lilly!

If you could peak into my head, do you know what would spill out? Chickens, ponies, goats, and dogs. Trees and birds and bugs on top! I think about how to help nature every day.

I guess, I'm really lucky that my parents are veterinarians who travel the world saving animals. And I guess I'm even luckier that I get to go with them sometimes, too.

Right now we're on our way to Vienna, Austria. Don’t worry if you can’t find it on a map yet! It's very far away, across the Atlantic ocean. It's the home of the famous white stallions, the Lipizzaner. I pronounce it like this “LEE PEE SAW NER” but I better check with someone once we arrive.

My parents have been called to solve a mysterious disease that's making these horses sick. Do you want to come along and help us? I think they could use our help, after all sometimes they have no clue what is really going on, right?



My name is Fynn...

and not Fifi as some annoying sisters may tell you! Do not believe a word they're saying. Except when they're offering to share their treats with you, which they really do most of the time. Yum, I simply love sweets!! Too bad I finished all my candy before we even left our own town.

Anyway, so here we are, going to Austria to look at some horses that are causing trouble. I'm sure Mom and Dad will solve the problem easily, as they always do. Lilly and I usually help them though; so you should come with us, we might need you, too. Mom even told me that there'll be famous cake in Austria, and you don’t want to miss that!



Tralalalala, I'm Celia!

That one above is my twin brother Fifi. He doesn’t look anything like me, does he?!

I love animals like the rest of my family but what I really enjoy is dancing and listening to music. This year, I'm preparing for my big ballet recital and have chosen music written by Mozart. I'm sure you know who that is, but did you know that he lived in Austria? When I found out that we are going to visit Mozart’s country, I was beyond excited.

If we all work together and heal the famous white horses as fast as we can, we might be able to go to a concert and learn more about Mozart’s life as well. How does that sound? Are you in?


And here are our parents...