Catch up with the Wonder World Kids in Peru to crack the Case of the Lost Llamas

I had the best time with Max and his white stallions in Austria. What was your favorite part of our trip? I bet you can guess, I loved eating that famous chocolate cake!

And here we are, on the plane again to our next animal rescue mission. I can’t believe our parents got called all the way to South America this time. There must be something serious going on with the llamas over there. They sounded desperate for help!



South America is one of my favorite destinations in the world! I’m so excited to visit the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Have you seen pictures of the ruins yet? It’s supposed to be beautiful, a city high up in the mountains. And I’m even more excited to meet wild llamas! I mean, let’s be honest: Aren’t they the cutest animals you can imagine?



I was just about ready to fly home, start practicing for my ballet recital, and here we are… on the go with our parents again! I guess, there is no rest if you are world-famous veterinarians. Although I can’t understand, how llamas can go missing. Can you?


And here are our parents...