Lisa Freidl, Vienna

Illustrator of “The Mystery of the Dancing Horses”


Lisa is an illustrator and art director from beautiful Austria. Even as a kid she could not imagine anything more fun than drawing and music, preferably both at the same time. 

She currently resides in Vienna, where she strolls through the alleys of the old city and listens to the inspiring stories of historic buildings she encounters. She lets her hands translate these imaginary pictures into beautiful art by using the classic tools, pen and paper. Each of her lovely illustrations is unique and colorful on its own.



Priscila Orozco Gallo, Lima

Illustrator of “The Case of the Lost Llamas”


Priscila is an illustrator and graphic designer based in magical Peru.

She lives in a world of constant wonder, often rediscovering her environment by examining it through many different lenses. One of her favorite things in life is exploring the beauty of nature; from small flowers to vast forests, she translates its strong impact in her bright and colorful illustrations.

Armed with her favorite tools - inks, colored pencils, and watercolors - she has embarked on a journey to bring happiness to people through art, conveying her sense of wonder and positive feelings in her drawings.



Ariel Landy, New York City

Illustrator of “The Riddle of the Wild Dogs”


As soon as Ariel learned how to draw a sky beyond a blue scribbled line, she knew she wanted to be an illustrator. Although raised on coloring books and crayons outside of Boston, she now lives in New York City.

Working digitally, Ariel aims to create illustrations that are imaginative, whimsical and original; characters and scenes that would make a child put down an Ipad and pick up a book.