Author, Dori Marx

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Dori Marx grew up in Austria and tried her best to travel around the world several times before choosing gorgeous New England as her home.

There, she lives with her husband, three young children, a senior dog, three rescue goats, along with an ever growing number of pet chickens and fish. Although she is not a veterinarian, she has a soft spot for all living beings and has even learned to coexist with the spiders populating her basement.

Wonder World Kids is her first book series for emerging young readers.

“During the long evenings of accompanying my two emerging readers on their journey to become lifelong book enthusiasts, I lamented the lack of engaging but educational first chapter books for those awkward in-between stages around seven to ten years. I believed that shorter chapters would keep my children committed longer and help them build their reading stamina while boosting their confidence.”

— Dori Marx, parent of two readers and one picture book hoarder


Illustrator, Lisa Freidl

The Illustrator

Lisa Freidl is an illustrator and art director from beautiful Austria. Even as a kid she could not imagine anything more fun than drawing and music, preferably both at the same time. 

She currently resides in Vienna, where she strolls through the alleys of the old city and listens to the inspiring stories of historic buildings she encounters. She lets her hands translate these imaginary pictures into beautiful art by using the classic tools, pen and paper. Each of her lovely illustrations is unique and colorful on its own.